The Art of Disappearing.

The who, what, where, and why of odor control. We will be diving deeper into each segment in future posts but here is a basic overview of the major reasons for controlling odor.


Who is you and anyone that your partner up with for hunting. Believe me if you’re serious about hunting and being scent free, your partner should be serious about it too. Nothing is more disappointing than getting out hunting and having your partner scare the game away. So choose your hunting partner wisely. Make sure they’re as serious as you are.


One of the most important parts of hunting and disappearing is knowing what scent to use. You need to know what types of brush and trees are in your hunting area. If you’re in the pine trees use pine. If you’re in the sage use sage and so on. You need to know your surroundings and the better you know them the easier it is to disappear.


This is very important on quite a few levels. You don’t want to get fully sent free at home. It won’t do you any good if you’re riding around in a vehicle full of different scents. You do however need to make sure your clothing is scent free prior to heading out. After your clothes are scent free you need to put all your hunting clothes in a scent free bag with your favorite scent. Close it and keep it there until you’re at the border of your hunting area. You don’t want to put your clothes on and apply cover scents until you are outside the vehicle just before you go hunting. You should always start by taking care of your skin, then de-scenting your clothing again.


The answer to this should be very obvious. The object to hunting is to harvest an animal. If all you want out of your hunting season is to be normal and harvest and animal every three to five years, then by all means do what the majority of hunters do and don’t use scent products. Some people are successful not using scent products. BUT, they are not nearly as successful as they would be if they were to use scent products.

If you want to increase your odds of harvesting an animal get serious about taking care of odor, from your body to your clothes.

Your increased success is only a decision away.

Hunter’s Best – Helping make memories.


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