The “what” of scent control

Have you ever been shopping in a store and someone walks by and your nose goes crazy from the smell of perfume or some not so other nice smells?

Have you ever seen someone that stands out in a crowd of people, someone that because of the color or the way they wear their clothes just stands out.

Think with me for a second when you’re out in the woods.

What’s around you?

Is it trees or rocks?


What is the most dominant color?

Once you found out what is the most dominant color for you area then sit down and close your eyes.

Take a couple of deep breaths and try to determine the most dominant smell.

Is it the smell of trees or brush?

Is it the dirt?

Once you establish the most dominant smell and the most dominant color for your specific area, then you have found the secret on how to disappear.

You want to smell like a most dominant smell and you want to wear the colors of the most dominant colors in the area.

When applying scent you don’t want to be so strong that that’s all you could smell you want to have a faint smell, not over bearing.

You want to blend in not stand out.   

That’s where Hunter’s Best comes in.

You want to deal with your core, your skin first.

Hunter’s Best scent concealer was designed to go on the skin to help eliminate human orders and also to apply a faint scent of your surroundings.

The same is with your clothes you want the colors to blend in not stand out.

Wear clothes that match your surroundings.

Now that you know what to wear and how to smell like your surroundings, you can disappear.

Good hunting.

Hunter’s Best helping to make memories.



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